Middle Ground

2024 Info Coming Soon!

What is MiddleGround?

MiddleGround was created to provide a place where young people could have fun and learn the ancient art of volunteering.  Look for the red tie-dyed Wheatland t-shirt to identify MiddleGround volunteers.

What does MiddleGround do?

We are sponsoring traditional activities and crafts for those who have outgrown Kid’s Hill.  MiddleGround encourages mentoring to pass skills to one another and it’s staffed primarily by young volunteers.  We also provide opportunity for emerging musicians to perform at WMO in styles that interest young people.  Late night Friday and Saturday at Centennial Stage bands perform that are ‘geared’ toward the younger crowd.  MiddleGround has also set up many activities and programs throughout the weekend.

Where is MiddleGround?

Follow the ”MiddleGround feet” to find us, just west of the Gladys Wernette Building