While At The Festival

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The main Festival bowl, in sight and sound of the three main stages (Main Stage, Centennial Stage, Marty Wernette Dance Stage) is a wonderful center to your Festival solar system. Nearby are booths for arts and crafts, food vendors, picnic tables to eat and socialize at, performer’s merch, instrument makers, showers and portable “facilities”. 

Here’s a reminder to explore the other Festival worlds – quieter music, instruction in singing and  playing instruments, traditional and folk crafts plus woods, wildflowers and fields to to explore just a short wander down the various paths.  

Events and Attractions

Schafer Song Stage

The recently added Schafer Song Stage has shows and workshops much of the day. See the schedule here.

Food Vendor Listing (Menus)

Food Vendor 1

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  • Menu item 2
  • Menu item 3

Things to keep in mind

T-shirt Merch – Sale Hours

ATM Available at the Information Building