WheatSongs 2022 – Songs School

Singing may be the first language, even before people created words and gave them meaning. Every child under three makes up songs as naturally as they breathe. Song is likely our earliest and most fundamental art form. Even now, writing songs is the birthright and inspired gift of every human.

Wheatland Song Stage

NEW Schafer Song Stage

The 49th Annual Wheatland Music Festival will offer a songwriting track led by Jan Krist.

The program will include pre-festival group sessions and song assignments, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions, online via Zoom during the week leading up to the Festival


Carly Kalkanski
Sam Wilson
Mary Danko Schraffenberg
Ed Englerth
Robin Monterosso
Sigrid Christiansen
Tifani Vandenberg
Kyle Rasche
Mike Ward
Doug Larsen

Once on the grounds, there will be a meet and greet at the Schafer Song Stage on Friday evening September 9, 2022. Saturday morning there will be a group feedback session, and Sunday afternoon there will be performances of completed songs on the new Schafer Song Stage.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Jan Krist is an acclaimed songwriter, with experience teaching at places such as The Grunewald Guild, Above the Bridge Songwriting Workshop, Cornerstone Festival’s Prairie School, of Writing and Lamb’s Retreat for Songwriters.