Wheatscouts – Lessons Programs Students Play

This SATURDAY, DEC 12 – 11:00 am

Wheatscouts Dec 2020 - Lessons Program Showcase with Bruce Bauman

Join Bruce Bauman (a Wheatland Founder and fiddle instructor for 20+ years) and seven of his students, to show you what they’ve learned during this Wheatscouts program. They will play some favorite melodies and include a HOLIDAY TUNE OR TWO. Then, Bruce will also get everyone up and moving with a few play party songs. Hope you and your family will be part of the fun!

To join the Zoom activity/meeting, email Kris Stableford at thestablefordagency@gmail.com – and she’ll get you the secret code!

You can find more info on Virtual Lesson Programs in the Community Outreach section, here on the WMO website, for more info on how you can learn to play an instrument.