Summer Wheat


6th Annual Summer Wheat
June 14 – 19, 2022


Due to COVID 19 WMO has had to make some decisions that were needed for the health and safety of our presenters, volunteers and staff.  These decisions were not made lightly.  One of those decisions was to cancel Summer Wheat Music Camp for 2020 & 2021.  

We continue our work toward a brighter tomorrow, guided by the knowledge that when we see each other on the other side of this crisis that music, art, and community will bring us all back together, stronger than ever.




Check Back For More Updates On Instructors & Class Information 







Carol Palms

Upright Bass | Harmony Singing | Shape Note Singing

Mark Palms

Clawhammer Banjo | Beginning & Old Time Guitar Technique | Old Time Guitar Songs 

Peter Madcat Ruth

Intermediate Harmonica | Advanced Harmonica | Intermediate Ukulele

Rick Willey

Irish Fiddle Techniques | Irish Fiddle Tunes

Dan Seabolt

Beginning Fiddle | Old Time Fiddle | Beginning to Intermediate 

David Greely

Cajun & Creole Fiddle Tunes | Cajun A Cappella Ballads

Billy King

Seasoned performer, songwriter, and recording artist. 

Don Julin

Beginning Mandolin | Advanced Mandolin 

David Bowen

Intermediate Guitar | Irish Guitar Style

Matt Watroba

Community Sing | Performance

Annette Barton

Lap Dulcimer

Lee Chase

Percussion 101

Bruce Gartner

Beginning & Old Time Guitar Technique | Old Time Guitar Songs

Drew Howard

Blues Guitar | Bottleneck Slide | Dobro

Roger Little

Beginning Accordion | Blues Keyboards | Cajun Band Class

Brian Oberlin


Frank Youngman

Music Theory | Beginner Ukulele | One-On-One Bass

Tom Wall

Plants Dance

Nick Raffaele
Beginning Guitar | Understanding Chords & Progressions




Beginning Fiddle | Cajun & Creole Fiddle Tunes | Irish Fiddle | Old Time Fiddle | Beginning to Intermediate Fiddle


Beginning Guitar| Blues Guitar | Intermediate Guitar | Irish Guitar Styles | Old Time Guitar 


Beginning Mandolin | Advanced Mandolin | Intermedicate Mandolin


Beginner Ukulele | Intermediate Ukulele 


Advanced Harmonica | Intermediate Harmonica 


Beginning Accordian


Cajun A Capella Ballads | Cajun Band Class


Clawhammer Banjo

Upright Bass

One on One Bass


Community Singing | Harmony Singing | Shape Note Singing

Lap Dulcimer


Blues Keyboards


Percussion 101

Music Theory

Old Time Band

Bottleneck Slide

Plants Dance

Understanding Chords & Progressions


One on One Sessions


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