Trash Consciousness

Sign Up to volunteer in Trash Consciousness at the 40th Annual Wheatland Music Festival begins Monday, April 29th, at 9 am.  No shifts will be assigned prior to that.


Trash Consciousness volunteers will work with another person picking up the trash in the concert and food vendor areas and emptying the trash containers. Volunteers will work a total of 8 hours over the weekend, usually two (2) four hour shifts. If you work on Monday (after the festival) you will work in pairs and have a specific area of the grounds to pick up.  Monday workers are responsible for picking up trash along the roads leading to the festival.  Those scheduled for Monday will meet on the Trash Consciousness Tent, behind the Information Building, on Sunday @ 2pm to get organized.

To find out what shifts are available you can call the office at 989-967-8879 between 9am and 3pm, Monday-Friday.