How to Become a Volunteer

We begin assigning volunteer shifts for the 2013 festival at 9:00am on April 29th.


There are several different ways to volunteer for WMO.  The most popular is during the festival weekend.  There are many areas in which to volunteer.  They include, but are not limited to, Campgrounds, Day Parking, Trash Consciousness, Recycling, Raffle, Second Stage, Third Stage/Workshop Lane, Kids Hill and Middle Ground.

If you are volunteering for the first time you will still need to buy a festival ticket.  If you complete your duties satisfactorily the price of your ticket will be refunded to you, usually within a month after the festival.   Once you have volunteered and established you are reliable you will receive a complimentary pass for volunteering.  This policy was adopted when volunteers began failing to show up for their shifts.  It takes hundreds of volunteers to make the festival run smoothly and safely; everyone needs to do their part.

A background check will be run on all volunteers age 17 and over.  Those under 17 will need to have their parents sign the form.  That form can be downloaded and send to the office – PO Box 22    Remus, MI  49340

To find out what areas need volunteers and what times are available you can call the office at 989-967-8879 between 8am and 4pm, Monday-Friday.