Day Parking Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer in Day Parking during the 40th Annual Wheatland Music Festival begins April 29th, 9 am.  No shifts will be assigned prior to that.

Day Parking volunteers work as a team directing people to park in the day parking lot, directing them towards the campgrounds and monitoring handicap areas and the exit gate.  Volunteers will work a total of 8 hours over the weekend, usually two (2) four hour shifts.  PLEASE NOTE:  You must be at least 16 to work Day Parking.

Day Parking crew leaders will have the following responsibilities:  To report to the Day Parking station ½ hour prior to shift for briefing, sign in volunteers and assign them, report all concerns to shift coordinator and keep records of all activities.  PLEASE NOTE:  You must be at least 18, worked in Day Parking previously and attended a WMO volunteer orientation session in the recent past or one being held this summer.


To find out what shifts are available you can call the office at 989-967-8879 between 9am and 3pm, Monday-Friday.