Kids Hill Volunteering

Kids Hill is a great place to volunteer, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned Wheatland volunteer, there is something for everyone.  Kids Hill offers a wide variety of activities from music on their own stage, to face painting and fun crafts! As a Kids Hill Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to interact with and engage the Wheatland youth in the traditional arts.


Kids Hill Volunteer Sign Up Has Begun

Contact Marilyn & Jim Buggs at 517-712-1504 or (primary contact)
or Barb Oakley at 989-463-4215.

  • Kids Hill Volunteer have to be at least 13 years old
  • Volunteers are required to work two shifts throughout the weekend. In return, we will provide you with a weekend ticket to the Festival, a volunteer t-shirt and some food coupons.
  • First time volunteers must purchase their Festival ticket, but will be refunded its cost upon successful completion of their volunteer shifts.
  • Returning volunteers in good standing will NOT need to purchase a festival ticket.  A ticket will be mailed to you shortly before Festival weekend.
  • Each volunteer is required to have a completed Background Check Form on file in the WMO Office.  If you are under 17 years old, your parent/guardian must sign your background check form
  • Volunteers who are a “No Show” for their shifts may relinquish their ability to volunteer for WMO in the future.

There are a lot of people who work year round to ensure that Kids Hill remains a special place for youth at the Wheatland Music Festival. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Barb Oakley at 989-463-4215.

a)   Committee Chair Person:  Attends the Wheatland Board Meetings, schedules the Kid’s Hill meetings, watches the budget, coordinates events and tries to make sure everything is in place for the festival.  Currently Barb Oakley.  Contact Barb at 989-463-4215 or

b) A Kid’s Hill Performance Seeker-Tracks down top notch performers for the Kid’s Hill Stage and Workshop tent. For more information on performing on the Kids’ Hill Stage or presenting a workshop, contact Karl Bly at 616-510-9205 or

c)  Hospitality –  They will be planning an open house for our Team Leaders and Performers.  Current contact is Hope Engelsman.

d)   Building & Maintenance – Coordinates with the Facilities Committee to keep our buildings up and running and safe for all.

e)   Craft development – Although all ideas are welcome, there is one we will depend on heavily to come up with “Fun” crafts for our kids.  Current contact is Barb Oakley at 989-463-4215 or

f)   Volunteer Sign-up – Also a very important job.  If we didn’t have our volunteers, we couldn’t pull this off.  Sign-up usually begins at the end of April each year.  By then, we should have an idea of what crafts and the hours of all events. Contact Marilyn & Jim Buggs at 517-712-1504 or or Barb Oakley at

g)   Playground (Security) – They will help with the coordination of the playground monitors and the rules to keep our young ones safe.  Current contact is Dean Perry.

h)   Information-“Where do we go and what do we do if our child is missing” or “As a volunteer, how do I operate this hand-held radio” or “How do I get to the Wernette Building” or “My son fell and scratched his knee, where do I go to get help”?  These are just the tip of the ice berg of some of the questions that come up at the information building.  As a committee member, since we’re involved more through-out the year, it’s easier for us to answer these questions, unfortunately, we’re not always in the Info Building during Fest.  This committee member will be putting together a Procedure Book to assist in the training of our yearly festival volunteers. Current contact is Amanda Waanders.

i)    Secretary – Responsible for keeping notes during our meetings and reminding us of important deadlines.  Current contact is Amanda Waanders.