Traditional Arts Weekend

35th Annual TAW

May 26 – 28, 2023

Traditional Arts Weekend has become a popular Wheatland event for those seeking more personal instruction.

Over 80 workshops in traditional forms of dance, music, crafts, vocal and instrument instruction provided.

  • Free primitive camping for participants.
  • Food available to purchase on site. 

Participants can register for the entire weekend, a single day, or workshop. Some workshops have limited participation.  There are evening performances and dances which include Square, Contra, Swing and Cajun.

Can’t come during the day?   Evening dances are just $5 to attend.  If you attend on Friday night you can buy a wristband for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for $10!!

Adult Weekend (ages 16 & up) $90 $93 w/credit card processing
Adult Daily (ages 16 & up) $50 $53 w/credit card processing
Child Weekend (ages 11-15) $25 – weekend  
Child Daily (ages 11-15) $17 – daily  
Child (ages 5-10) weekend or daily $5  
Under 5 Free  


  • 10% discount for paid members on tickets ages 11 & up.
  • Discount not available for online orders.

  • Weekend and Day passes available AT THE GATE
    • Want to get a taste of TAW? – Do it with a Day pass!
    • Change of plan? Tired of holiday BBQ at home? 
      Join us on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday!
  • At the Wheatland STORE

    Choose if you want weekend or daily tickets

  • Use PDF Form – Print, fill-in and mail form with payment

    Mailing instructions and address on form


(2022 Information below – Sample of 2023 Activities)

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2022 Workshops

View Pre-Register Schedule (PDF)  | Call Office (989) 967-8879 to Register



  • Beginning Clogging with Dave Goodwin
  • Clogging II with The Family Business
  • Shim Sham with The Family Business
  • Beginning Cajun Ira Bernstein
  • Beyond Beginning Cajun with Creole du Nord
  • Irish Ceili Dance Instruction with Meghan McCartney
  • Beginning Irish Step Dance with Meghan McCartney
  • Belly Dancing with Molly Kozlowski
  • The Madison with The Family Business
  • Waltz Instruction with Catherine & Dave Goodwin
  • Swing Basics with Ron Buchanan


  • Gospel Sing
  • Rise Up Singing
  • Creative Songs with Billy King & Emily Slomovits
  • American Roots with Letha & Rex Raymond
  • Country Duets with Letha & Rex Raymond
  • Harmony Workshop with Carol Palms, Emily Slomovits, & Billy King
  • Folkstock (In Memory of Ricky Novak) with Mark Baumann & Banjo Jim
  • Vocal Workshops with Melissa Sigh


  • Ukulele Demonstration with Dave Birney
  • Intermediate Mandolin with Bruce Gartner
  • Tradition Bearers Gray Reynolds, Dan Bauman, and Mike Ross
  • Lumberjack Songs with Stephanie Terpening
  • Michigan Fiddle Tunes with Mike Ross
  • Traditional Irish/Scottish Songs with David Bowen
  • Great Lakes Shanties with Stephanie Terpening


  • Star Gazing with Dan Hummel & Steve Shelander
  • The Sun, Friend or Foe with Steve Shelander
  • The Magic Mysteries of Light with Dan Hummel
  • Yoga/Stretching with Catherine Tobin
  • Yeast Baking with Kay & John Kelly
  • Salted and Fermented Kimchi with Joseph Baumann
  • Cheese 101 with Tina Zinn


  • Ceili Family Dance with Meghan McCartney
  • Fiddle for Kids with Bruce Bauman
  • Stuntology with Sam Bartlett
  • Drum Jam for Kids with Brenda Bonter
  • Tie-Dye with Brenda Bonter   Pre-Register  FULL
  • Luminaries with Barb Oakley
  • Jig Doll Making with Rachel & Wally Ewing  Offered Saturday & Sunday    Pre-Register  BOTH FULL
  • Puppet Making & Puppet Theater Presentation with Betsy Moskowitz and Barb Oakley
    (offered Saturday and Sunday)
  • Beginning Acrylic Painting for Families with Rebekah Start    Pre-Register  FULL
  • Ice Cream Making with Carol Foerch   Saturday 2:30-3:30 and 3:30-4:40 (offered twice)  Pre-Register   
  • Rope Trick with Pop Wagner
  • Ukulele for Kids with Stephanie Terpening
  • How to Make a Happy Song Spooky with Rollie Tussing
  • Harmonica For Kids with Banjo Jim
  • Kids Open Mic with Blue Water Ramblers
  • Square Dance for Kids with Blue Water Ramblers
  • Family Dance(s) with Blue Water Ramblers and Palooka Brothers with Dave Goodwin
  • Nature Walk with Wally Ewing
  • Earth Stories and Songs with Ron Fowler
  • Kids in the Kitchen with Kay & John Kelly 
  • Penny Whistle with Barry Poupard


  • Acrylic Painting for Adults with Rebekah Start    Pre-Register   FULL
  • Stepping Stones with Lurinda & Scott Cavner and Friends
  • Acrylic Painting – Adults Paint a Pre-Printed Drawing with  Carole Howard     Pre-Register  FULL
  • Advanced Tie Dye with Janet McFarland (2 days)    Pre-Register   FULL
  • Soapmaking with Joy Castonguay (offered twice)    Pre-Register     BOTH FULL
  • Carving a Walking Stick with Paul Marsh (offered twice)   Pre-Register   FULL
  • Wool Dyeing with Sue Carpenter    Pre-Register 
  • Polish Stars with Diane Scheuermann    Pre-Register  FULL 
  • Henna with Mia VanderVeen and Friends
  • Zipper Bracelet with Kathy Hillman    Pre-Register
  • Head Wreaths with Kathy Hillman
  • Mohair Guitar Strap Making with Pop Wagner (offered twice)   Pre-Register    Saturday and  Sunday are BOTH FULL
  • Acrylic Painting with Carole Howard   Pre-Register  FULL
  • Yarn 101 with Sue Carpenter    Pre-Register
  • Stoneware Face Jug Pottery with Erica Shirey and Rita Shields (ages 17 & up)   Pre-Register    FULL
  • Stoneware Face Jug Pottery for Teens with Erica Shirey and Rita Shields (ages 12-16)     Pre-Register    FULL
  • Make and Take A Hanging Flower Basket with Denise & Matt Hayes
  • Tie-Dye Kits with Amanda Fogle  Grab-n-Go


  • Beginning Mandolin with Glynn Russell
  • Beginning Guitar with Susie Russell
  • Hammered Dulcimer with Kathy Dean
  • Waltz Mandolin with Bruce Ling
  • Celtic Guitar Accompaniment Techniques with David Bowen
  • Beginning Fingerpicking Guitar with Rollie Tussing
  • Playing & Singing Traditional Songs on the Guitar with Mark Baumann
  • Beginning Ukulele with Ron Fowler
  • Songwriters Challenge (in memory of Ricky Novak) with Josh Rose
  • Family Drum Circle with Brenda Bonter
  • Old Time Fiddle with Bruce Bauman
  • Beyond Beginning Ukulele with Ron Fowler
  • Cajun Fiddle with Mark Palms and Walter
  • Songwriting For Teens with Josh Rose
  • Songwriters Challenge (in memory of Ricky  Noval) with Josh Rose
  • Fiddle Tunes for Flat Picked Guitar with Bruce Ling
  • Bones with Emily Slomovits & Billy King
  • Techniques & Tunes on the Guitar with Pop Wagner
  • Variations on The Blues Guitar with Rollie Tussing
  • Banjo with Sam Bartlett
  • Harmonica with Mike Ross
  • Old Time Jam/Playing Tunes for Dancing with Ron Buchanan
  • Cajun Jam with Creole du Nord
  • S-L-O-W Jam with Kathy Dean, Glynn & Susie Russell

Traditional Arts Weekend 2022 – Daily Schedules




                            FRIDAY EVENING

Main Stage

   7:00-8:00       Open Mic Emceed by Blue Water Ramblers
   8:30-9:15        Concert by The Family Business
10:00-11:00      60 Songs from the Sixties with Blue Water Ramblers

Dance Pavilion
  7:30-9:30        Squares with The Palooka Brothers ~ Dave Goodwin calling
                               All ages & levels of experience welcome
10:00-12:00      Contra Dance with Super Trad ~ Ron Buchanan calling

                          SATURDAY EVENING

Main Stage

6:00-7:00          Old Time Music and Dance Party w/Ira Bernstein and Blue Water Ramblers
7:15-8:00          Concert with Rollie Tussing

9:00-10:30        Storytelling and Songs around the Campfire with Pop Wagner
                            East of the Main Stage


Dance Pavilion
   8:00-9:30       Contra & Square Dance with Super Trad ~ Ron Buchanan calling
 10:00-12:00     Cajun Dance with Creole du Nord


                   SUNDAY EVENING

Main Stage

6:30-7:15          Workshop Showcase w/Dance Instructors & Students w/Blue Water Ramblers
7:30-9:00          S-L-O-W Jam with Kathy Dean, Susie & Glynn Russell

Dance Pavilion

6:30-8:00          Square Dance with The Palooka Brothers ~ Pop Wagner calling
                                  All ages & levels of experience welcome
8:30-9:45        Advanced Contra Dance with Super Trad~ Ron Buchanan calling
10:15-12:00      Swing Dance with Jive At Five

The Family Business
Super Trad
Creole du Nord
Blue Water Ramblers
The Palooka Brothers
Rollie Tussing




Silent Auction

Silent Auction goods will be displayed along with a bid sheet at the Performers Recording section of the Info Building.  Donations are gladly accepted.  Items should be in new or “gently used” condition and relate to WMO’s mission.

Friday: 5-8pm Drop Off; Donations and Bidding Begins
Saturday: 9am-4pm Drop Off; Donations and Open Bidding; 6-8pm Open Bidding
Sunday: 10am-3pm Open Bidding; 3PM BIDDING CLOSES; 4:30-6:30 Auction results and pick-up

Traditional Arts Weekend (formerly known as Dance Camp) is an annual event held over the Memorial Day weekend on the Wheatland Festival grounds near Remus, Michigan. The Community Education committee provides over 80 workshops in traditional forms of dance, music, crafts, vocal and instrument instruction to which participants might not otherwise be exposed.