Traditional Arts Weekend

The 31st Annual
Traditional Arts Weekend
May 24 – 26, 2019

**Click below for the daily schedules**
Saturday Schedule
Sunday Schedule

*Tickets are for sale online and by phone | 989-967-8879*

If you can’t make it for the weekend or a day, check out the evening performances and dancing for only $5 each night.
Those attending on Friday night may purchase a $10 wristband that will admit them for all three nights!

Pre-Registration for certain workshops is now open. If you wish to Pre-Register for any of these workshops, feel free to call the office (you must first purchase your ticket) | 989-967-8879


Carving A Walking Stick (ages 12 & up) 9:00 – 11:00 am
Water Color for Beginners (adult) 9:30 am – 12 noon
Getting to Know Your Storytelling Tool Box, Part 1 (ages 13 & up) 9:30 – 11:00 am
Jig Doll Making (kids) 11:00 am – 12:00 noon
Carving A Walking Stick (ages 12 & up) 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Spoon Carving (ages 16 & up) 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Stoneware Face Jug Pottery (adult) 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Getting to Know Your Storytelling Tool Box, Part 2 (ages 13 & up) 4:15 – 5:15 pm


Soapmaking (ages 16 & up) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Crochet Project (ages 16 & up) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Spoon Carving, con’t from Saturday 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Soapmaking (ages 16 & up) 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Pin Loom Weaving (ages 14 & up) 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Water Color Painting, Int/Adv (adult) 1:30 – 4:00 pm
Jig Doll Making (kids) 2:00 – 3:00 pm


Instructors and Workshops are still being finalized. Check back often for updates!

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Traditional Arts Weekend (formerly known as Dance Camp) is an annual event held over the Memorial Day weekend on the Wheatland Festival grounds near Remus, Michigan. The Community Education committee provides over 80 workshops in traditional forms of dance, music, crafts, vocal and instrument instruction to which participants might not otherwise be exposed.

Silent Auction

Silent Auction goods will be displayed along with a bid sheet at the Performers Recording section of the Info Building.  Donations are gladly accepted.  Items should be in new or “gently used” condition and relate to WMO’s mission.

Friday: 5-8pm Drop Off; Donations and Bidding Begins
Saturday: 9am-4pm Drop Off; Donations and Open Bidding; 6-8pm Open Bidding
Sunday: 10am-3pm Open Bidding; 3PM BIDDING CLOSES; 4:30-6:30 Auction results and pick-up


Main Stage
7:00-8:00        Open Mic Emceed by Blue Water Ramblers
8:30-9:30        Dance Performance by The CommonWealth Dance Collective
10:00-11:00    Jam with Blue Water Ramblers

Dance Pavilion
7:30-9:30         Squares with Bowhunter ~ Jan Fowler calling
                          All ages & levels of experience welcome
10:00-12:00     Contra Dance with The Palooka Brothers ~ Ron Buchanan calling


Main Stage
6:00-7:00         Old Time Music and Dance Party w/Ira Bernstein
7:15-8:00         Concert with Drew Nelson & Mark Schrock
8:30-9:30         Salsa Dance with Salsa Verde

9:00-10:00      Campfire with Ron Fowler and Storyteller Showcase ~ east of Main Stage
10:00-11:00    Songs around the Campfire

Dance Pavilion
 8:00-9:30        Contra & Square Dance with The Palooka Brothers ~ Ron Buchanan calling
 10:00-12:00    Swing Dance with Jive At Five


Main Stage
6:30-7:15          Workshop Showcase w/Dance Instructors & Students
                          w/Blue Water Ramblers
7:30-9:00          S-L-O-W Jam with Kathy Hagen, Susie & Glynn Russell

Dance Pavilion
6:30-8:00        Contra & Square Dance with Bowhunter ~ Jan Fowler calling
                         All ages & levels of experience welcome
8:30-9:45       Advanced Contra Dance with The Palooka Brothers ~ Ron Buchanan calling
10:15-12:00   Cajun Dance with The Cajun Strangers


Bowhunter                           Salsa Verde
Cajun Strangers                   Jive At Five                              
Blue Water Ramblers        The CommonWealth Dance Collective
The Palooka Brothers


Erica Shirey              Joan Heuvelhorst
Dan Hummel           Jo & Jim McLachlan
Joy Castonguay       Inge Sturm
Judy Fogle                Kathy Hillman
Rose Heneger          Paul Marsh
Lisa Ornstein           Drew Nelson
Jocelyn Shaw           Carole Howard

Ron Buchanan/Lisa Ornstein            Deana Monahan
Ira Bernstein                                       Cajun Strangers
Brian Gorchowski                               Alina Soltis
Adam Wheeler                                    Sheila Graziano
Connie Jo Ferguson                            Dave Goodwin

Ann & Eldon Whitford                        Ruby John                            Gray Reynolds
Rex & Letha Raymond                        Bruce Bauman                    Nathan Myers
Dan Brandon                                       Bruce Ling                            Kathy Dean                      
Susie Russell                                        Kathy Hagen                        David Klein
Glynn Russell                                      Tom Eno                                Blue Water Ramblers
Jo McLachlan                                        John Warstler                     Dan Bauman
Frank Youngman                                 Jake Aragon                         Hedda & The Skat Kats   
Dave Langdon                                     Dave Leonard                      Rick Novak             

Ron Fowler | | Jan Wilson | Brenda Bonter                              
Banjo Jim | Bruce Bauman | Emily Doebler                                     
Kids Hill Committee | Wally & Rachel Ewing | LaLa Face Painting
Chris Sorensen | Rebecca Start

Jim Foersch | Steve Shelander | Kay & John Kelly | Dan Hummel | Mark Baumann | Jan & Ron Fowler                               


Swing I/Intro to Swing ~ Ron Buchanan
Swing II/Moves and More Moves ~ Ron Buchanan
Intro to Tap for Teens and Adults ~  Connie Jo Ferguson
Waltz Clog ~  Adam Wheeler
Beginning Clogging ~  Ira Bernstein
Beginning Clogging ~ Dave Goodwin
Intermediate Clogging ~ Sheila Graziano
Advanced Clogging ~  Alina Soltis
Contemporary Clogging ~ Adam Wheeler
Belly Dance/Skills & Moves ~ Deana Monahan
Belly Dance/Choreography/Learn A Dance ~ Deana Monahan
Dancing to Crooked Toons ~ Alina Soltis
Ottawa Valley Step Dancing ~ Sheila Graziano
African Gumboot Dancing ~ Adam Wheeler
Salsa – Brian Gorchowski
Beginning Cajun ~ Ira Bernstein
Intermediate Cajun ~ Karen Holden/Cajun Strangers
Cajun meets Zydeco ~ Karen Holden/Cajun Strangers

Cajun Triangle and Washboard – Brian and Karen/Cajun Strangers   
Cajun versus Zydeco Accordion – Tom and JJ/Cajun Strangers
Hammered Dulcimer – Kathy Hagen
Beginning Guitar – Susie Russell
Flat Pick Guitar – Bruce Ling
Country Blues and Jug Band style Guitar – Boo Bradley/Cajun Strangers
Beginning Fiddle – Bruce Bauman
Cajun Fiddle – Brian/Cajun Stringers
Old Time Banjo – Colin/Cajun Strangers
Beginning Mandolin ~ Glynn Russell
Penny Whistle ~ Barry Poupard
Ukulele ~ Frank Youngman
Playing & Singing Traditional Songs on the Guitar ~ Mark Baumann
Anatomy of the 12 Bar Blues ~ Nathan Myers
The Diminished Chord ~ Nathan Myers
Songwriters Challenge ~ Ricky Novak

Cajun Lyrics and Singing – Scott/Scott Strangers
Gospel Sing ~ All Vocalists
Rise Up Singing ~ All Vocalists
Harmony Singing ~  
American Roots Harmony Workshop
Singing Harmony – Folky to Doo Wop
Motown Sing-a-Long
Country Duets ~ Rex & Letha Raymond and Dan Brandon
Folkstock ~ Ricky Novak
History Tent:
Bruce Ling – Old Fashion Love Songs
Ruby John – Native American Roots Music
Sheila Graziano – history of Marley Buck Dance
Dave Langdon – How to record music and make a collection; Teaching the audience a tune
Dave Leonard – Hurdy Gurdy
Traditions Bearers Gray Reynolds, Dan Bauman & Jake Aragon building on their
     presentation from 2018

Soap Making – Joy Castonguay
Pin Loom Weaving – Jocelyn Shaw
Straw Weaving – Jocelyn Shaw
Stepping Stones – McLachlans and Friends
Wooden Spoon Carving – Drew Nelson
Water Color ~ Carole Howard
Copper Pounding – Joan Heuvelhorst
Face Jug Pottery ~ Erica Shirey
Head Wreaths – Kathy Hillma
Dream Catchers – Rose Heneger
Henna – Mia VanderVeen
Carving a Walking Stick – Paul Marsh
Crochet Project – Lisa Ornstein
Fiber Tent
Crochet – All Levels  
Knitting – All Levels        

Exploring the Night Sky – Steve Shelander
Star Gazing – Dan Hummel
Yoga/Stretching – Catherine Tobin
Yeast Baking – Kay & John Kelly

Penny Whistle for Kids ~ Barry Poupard
Shakers ~ Barry Poupard
Fiddle for Kids ~ Bruce Bauman
Harmonica ~ Banjo Jim
Kids Clogging ~ Emily Doebler
Dance Rhythm for Kids ~ Emily Doebler
Jan’s Fun Sing-a-Long ~ Jan Wilson
Woody Guthrie Songs ~ Drew Nelson & Mark Schrock
Funny Songs ~ Myron Grant
Stenciling~– Barb Oakley & Marilyn Buggs
Tie-Dye ~ Amanda Waanders, Jessica Bazan & Rhonda Drews
Jacobs Ladders ~ Olivia Drews
Luminaries~– Rebecca Start
Jig Dolls~– Rachel & Wally Ewing
Drum Jam for Kids ~ Brenda Bonter
Hayride ~ Mark Baumann
Storytelling ~ Ron Fowler
Kids in the Kitchen ~ Kay & John Kelly