Goodbye – Glen Voglesong – [2021-06-22]

Goodbye - Glen Voglesong - [2021-06-22]

Cheryl Addington, Glen Voglesong‘s wife of 40 years, submitted a tribute to her husband, who died on June 22, 2021. Cheryl wrote, “Glenbob was fond of yelling ‘Bueno! Bueno!’ up at the stage to show his appreciation for performances, and he saw most years of Wheatland between 1979 and the pandemic. Memorable Wheatland moments include […] Read more »

Goodbye – Joe Smith – [2021-05-29]

Goodbye - Joe Smith - [2021-05-29]

Steve Briere shared memories of his friend Joe Smith, who died on May 29, 2021. In Steve’s words, “Wheatland was Joe’s favorite place on earth. Joe, whom we affectionately deemed Super Wheatie, volunteered as a member of grounds crew for three years, participated in Centennial Stage Open Mic, and each year brought his own gaggle […] Read more »

Goodbye – Daneen Wardrop – [2021-04-08]

Early Wheatland performer Chuck Wardrop wrote about his sister, Daneen Wardrop. In Chuck’s words, “Daneen Wardrop, award-winning poet, celebrated educator, extraordinary mother, sister, and friend, graduated from this life on April 8, 2021. Daneen was one of Wheatland’s first instigator/collaborators, scouting talent and performing on Wheatland’s stages in those very early years. Her life was […] Read more »

Goodbye – Donna Brandon – [2021-03-11]

Goodbye - Donna Brandon - [2021-03-11]

Dan Brandon wrote that his wife, Donna Brandon, passed away on March 11, 2021, after a short illness. Dan and Donna were both longtime Wheatlanders. As Dan put it, “Donna loved the music, the people the arts and crafts, and the entire atmosphere of Wheatland.” Donna’s daughter, Phoebe Hall, wrote, “We will miss (Donna’s) smiile […] Read more »

Goodbye – Sharon Peters – [2021-01-08]

Longtime friend of Wheatland Pamela “Peach” Burke noted that Sharon Peters, who worked in the Performer Recordings booth at Wheatland for many years, passed away on January 8, 2021. Peach described Sharon as “a beautiful, spunky, energetic and musically talented woman who will not soon be forgotten.” Read more »