Summer Wheat Music Camp

A Traditional Music Camp for Adults

June 17-22, 2024

Five full days of fun, music and dance instruction, concerts, food and summer goodness at the Festival site.
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Experience the joy of a week of fun, music, concerts, dance, food, and summer goodness at Wheatland’s Summer Wheat Music Camp, designed for adults ages 18 and up.

Students learn from the best of the best in today’s traditional music scene. Classes include lap dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, singing, songwriting, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, harmonica, and ukulele. Musical styles include (but are not limited to) Irish, Old Time, Traditional, Blues, and Cajun. Storytelling, Tai Chi and/or yoga, Music Theory, Performance Skills, and Sound 101 will also be available to attendees.

Featuring a lineup of internationally and nationally renowned award-winning instructors, the Wheatland Summer Wheat Music Camp is held on the grounds of the Wheatland Music Organization in mid-Michigan.
With a focus on traditional music, participants develop their skills in one-on-one sessions and in small group lessons. Held June 17-22, 2024, musicians, from beginners to seasoned professionals, can join for a day, a few days, or a full week.

Enjoy staying on the beautiful 160-acre festival grounds where the Wheatland Music Festival takes place in Remus, Michigan where you will find rolling hills, meadows, and wooded areas.

This camp is designed for adult players of all levels. Young folks able to sustain an adult level of participation are welcome (parent or guardian required for those under 18). There is a discounted option for non-musical spouses, partners, and parents to join the fun.

Dedicated to providing an immersive musical and educational experience, this camp is for those wanting to enhance their current skills or build a solid foundation in a new area.

Students experience personalized conversations, assignments, and feedback while learning directly from innovative world-class music instructors.

Students will be inspired by daily performances, receive coaching, and see the inner workings of their collaborative creative process.

Instructors for the 2024 camp include:

  • Annette Barton
  • Tina Bergman
  • Michael Dwyer
  • Bruce Gartner
  • David Greely
  • Hannah Harris
  • Drew Howard
  • Don Julin
  • Hanno Meingast
  • Carol Palms
  • Mark Palms
  • Josh Rose
  • Dan Seabolt
  • Nick Thomasma
  • Howard Wilson
  • Matt Watroba
  • Frank Youngman 

Participants, partners, and parents may stay onsite. 

Tuition and fees include:

  • Classes
  • Evening Entertainment
  • All meals, snacks, and beverages (includes special dietary needs) from Hearty Harvest
  • Camping on the Wheatland grounds
  • Hot shower facilities
  • Electrical hookups available for additional fee
  • Generator-friendly areas available

Stay tuned for updates and info. Registration opens April 1, 2024.


“Just got home from a week at Summer Wheat Music Camp. It was advertised as ‘Wheatland’s best kept secret’ and that was the truth. This was the first time this event has offered hammered dulcimer to their audience, and it was great fun to be a part of introducing people to the instrument.

Keep this one on your radar for next year. The student to instructor ratio allows for individually catered one-on-one learning. Opportunities for attendees to showcase their talents are abundant. The jamming is so diverse (bluegrass, Irish, Cajun/Zydeco, Honky Tonk, sing-alongs, and more). The backdrop is breathtakingly scenic. The food by Hearty Harvest is the best I have ever had at any camp or festival. Ever. That’s no exaggeration.

If you’ve ever thought ‘this late-night jam is hopping’ but I wish there was a chef dropping in to pass out mini-charcuterie plates’, Summer Wheat is for you!”

Katie Moritz, Hammered Dulcimer Instructor

“What an absolute joy to pass on some polkas and slides to this wonderful group of musicians the past few days! Both this class and my Irish Traditional Singing group were so enthusiastic, asked great questions, and really showed their stuff at the student showcase last night!

If I had any doubts that this is something that I want to make a regular part of my life, teaching at Summer Wheat this year has definitely squashed all of those doubts! It’s hard to put into words the feeling you experience while getting to play some part in these musician’s learning journey.

Here’s to more experiences of teaching traditional music in a camp setting – got plenty more polkas in store!”

Hannah Harris, Fiddle Instructor

“I am struggling to come up with words to accurately describe my feelings about the week. All I can come up with is LOVE.

I loved it. I loved everything about it. I loved the food, the music, the classes, the students, the jams, the setting, the environment, the use of the spaces, the songs, the learning, the growth, the food (yes, that’s worth mentioning twice!) and most of all – I love you all!

Thank you for welcoming me into the Wheatland family and allowing me to grow as an artist, an instructor and as a human being. My cup of lemonade runneth over.”

Nicholas James Thomasma, Songwriting & Harmonica Instructor

Keep In Touch!

If you have any questions, please contact the WMO Office at 989-967-8879 or

Keep in touch with music camp attendees and instructors by joining the “Wheatland Music Camp” Group on Facebook.

You can also be added to Wheatland’s monthly eNews and QuarterNotes mailing lists by calling 989-967-8879 or emailing

InstructorsClassesSchedule PDFs

Annette Barton
Lap Dulcimer Explorations
David Bowen
Exploring Celtic Guitar Styles | Celtic Ballads: Crying in Your Beer – Songs of Love, Humor, & Loss
Hannah Harris Ceol
Irish Fiddle Tunes | Irish Songs
I’m both a performer and a teacher and love nothing more than giving my students and audience an experience that enriches their understanding of Irish traditional music and provides space for them to belong.
Rich Coats
Merle Haggard tribute (Friday)
Bruce Gartner
Old Time Band | Exploring the Fiddle | Old Time Fiddle
David Greely
Cajun & Creole Fiddle Tunes | Cajun A Capella Ballads
David Greely was born in Baton Rouge of Irish and Cajun ancestry. After years of playing vintage country fiddle professionally in Texas and Nashville he was ready to immerse himself in his grandparents’ music and language. David and Steve Riley formed the Mamou Playboys in 1988. He studied fiddle with Dewey Balfa and dove deep into the Archive of Cajun and Creole music to find forgotten songs that they could bring back to the rural dance halls they played every weekend. It became natural for them to weave fresh ideas into that tradition and still maintain their connection to their heroes and their audience.
Drew Howard
Blues Guitar | Bottleneck Slide | Dobro
Drew Howard is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist with 40+ years of stage, session and music production experience in multiple genres. Drew teaches private music lessons and class instruction for MSU Community Music School, Elderly Instruments, Wheatland Music Organization and Interlochen Center for the Arts.
Don Julin
Exploring the Mandolin | Improve Your Groove: Find the Back Beat | Mandolin Tunes
Julin is a mandolin player, a commercial composer, recording engineer, and best-selling author, and he works really hard at everything he does. Julin puts it simply, “I am a blue-collar player. I like working man’s music, whether it’s bluegrass or jazz or rock ‘n’ roll or blues. You know, regular folk’s music.” Julin has written two mandolin instructional books, Mandolin for Dummies and Mandolin Exercises for Dummies.
Billy King
Cajun Guitar (Saturday)
Billy’s versatility as a multi-genre singer-songwriter is matched by his ability on a wide range of instruments from guitar and banjo to keyboards and accordion.
Kate Moritz
Exploring Hammered Dulcimer | More Hammered Dulcimer
2013 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, Katie Moritz is a musician and teacher hailing from the Chicagoland area in Northern Illinois. Her taste in music is geared towards more eclectic sounds. and when she started playing the hammered dulcimer, she found her authentic musical “voice”. The unique instrument was able to seamlessly sew together Katie’s love of traditional music from around the world, 1940’s jazz standards, Broadway musicals, bluegrass, and pop.
Carol Palms
Music Theory for Vocalists | Old Time Bass
Mark Palms
Clawhammer Banjo | Beginning & Old Time Guitar | Old Time Songs & Accompaniment
Dan Seabolt
Beginning to Intermediate Fiddle | Cross Tunings on the Fiddle | Improv on the Fiddle
Dan Seabolt provides instruction, along with music theory and improvisational techniques, on various instruments such as violin/fiddle, guitar, mandolin, beginning banjo, resonator guitar, and ukulele. Also, he is a skilled and accomplished maker of the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and mandolin. 
Nicholas James Thomasma
Songwriting | Storytelling | Harmonica
Traveling around in a bright orange 1973 Volkswagen Bus, singer songwriter and Earthwork Music artist Nicholas James Thomasma combines stories and songs for a show that can be enjoyed by patrons of all ages. Whether he’s performing with his backing band Nicholas James and the Bandwagon or as a solo acoustic act, Nicholas charms the audience with his playful sense of humor and real life stories. A board member at the Michigan Music Alliance, Nicholas is also the curator of a songwriter in- the-round style concert series called the Songtellers in Grand Rapids, MI.
Matt Watroba
Community Sing | Performance
Many know Matt Watroba as the voice of folk music in Michigan for his work with WDET–Detroit Public Radio. As producer and host of the Folks Like Us program, and the nationally syndicated, Sing Out Radio Magazine and Folk Alley, Watroba has come in contact with many aspects of folk music and culture. This has helped shape a repertoire and presentation that is unique on stages across the state and country. He is committed to inspiring the world to sing-- one town at a time.
Howard Wilson
Fingerpicking | Swing Guitar w/Frank Youngman | Music Theory w/Frank Youngman
Frank Youngman
Exploring the Ukulele | Intermediate Ukulele | Swing Guitar w/Howard Wilson | Music Theory w/Howard Wilson
Frank has been playing all types of music his whole life. A multi-instrumentalist, he has performed in places as diverse as The Improv Comedy Club in New York City to A Prairie Home Companion. A founding member of The Lost World Stringband, The Pets, and Jive at Five, he continues to keep a busy recording and performing schedule. He has just finished up his 35th year of teaching, the last seventeen years as the Director of Instrumental Music for the Lake City Area Schools. The Uke was his first instrument.


2023 Class Information


  • Clawhammer Banjo (Mark Palms)



  • Old Time Bass (Carol Palms)



  • Cajun & Creole Fiddle Tunes (David Greely)
  • Cajun A Capella Ballads (David Greely)
  • Cajun Guitar (Billy King – Saturday only)



  • Exploring Celtic Guitar Styles (David Bowen)
  • Celtic Ballads: Crying in Your Beer – Songs of Love, Humor, & Loss (David Bowen)
  • Irish Fiddle Tunes (Hannah Harris Ceol)
  • Irish Songs (Hannah Harris Ceol)



  • Dobro (Drew Howard)


DULCIMER (Includes both LAP & HAMMERED, also below)

  • Lap Dulcimer Explorations (Annette Barton)
  • Exploring Hammered Dulcimer (Kate Moritz)
  • More Hammered Dulcimer (Kate Moritz)



  • Beginning to Intermediate Fiddle (Dan Seabolt)
  • Cajun & Creole Fiddle Tunes (David Greely)
  • Cross Tunings on the Fiddle (Dan Seabolt)
  • Exploring the Fiddle (Bruce Gartner)
  • Improv on the Fiddle (Dan Seabolt)
  • Irish Fiddle Tunes (Hannah Harris Ceol)
  • Old Time Fiddle (Bruce Gartner)



  • Beginning & Old Time Guitar (Mark Palms)
  • Blues Guitar (Drew Howard)
  • Cajun Guitar (Billy King – Saturday only)
  • Exploring Celtic Guitar Styles (David Bowen)
  • Flatpicking (Drew Howard)
  • Fingerpicking (Howard Wilson)
  • Swing Guitar (Howard Wilson/Frank Youngman)



  • Exploring Hammered Dulcimer (Kate Moritz)



  • Harmonica (Nicholas James Thomasma)



  • Lap Dulcimer Explorations (Annette Barton)



  • Exploring the Mandolin (Don Julin)
  • Improve Your Groove: Find the Back Beat (Don Julin)
  • Mandolin Tunes (Don Julin)



  • Music Theory (Howard Wilson/Frank Youngman)
  • Music Theory for Vocalists (Carol Palms)



  • Old Time Band (Bruce Gartner)



  • Cajun & Capella Ballads (David Greely)
  • Community Sing: For the Sake of the Song (Matt Watroba)
  • Improving Overall Performance: Get the Most out of the Songs You Sing (Matt Watroba)
  • Harmony Sing (Matt Watroba/Carol Palms/David Greely)
  • Irish Songs (Hannah Harris Ceol)
  • Merle Haggard Tribute (Rich Coats – Friday only)
  • Music Theory for Vocalists (Carol Palms)
  • Old Time Songs & Accompaniment (Mark Palms)



  • Songwriting (Nicholas James Thomasma)
  • Storytelling (Nicholas James Thomasma)



  • Exploring the Ukulele (Frank Youngman)
  • Intermediate Ukulele (Frank Youngman)



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