Rhythm Stage Progress

The building of the Rhythm Stage – a place for drum, dance and acoustic performance – is nearing completion!

The site will serve as an alternative venue for main stage performers to offer an intimate acoustic performance in the forest, as well as a venue for drum classes. Combining a workshop space with a stage for music and dance performance allows WMO to greatly expand its lineup of facilities in one gesture. As well, the proposed venue will be an official place to support and foster a positive environment for drum classes and open drum jams. WMO feels that an official venue for the purpose of drumming will nurture and encourage a healthy Wheatland drum milieu. This mixed-use space will be a pleasant counterpoint in the forest to the festival’s other stages, and give the Rhythmaculture in Michigan a flagship home.

Visit Wheatland’s Special Projects Page to learn more about the new stage and see pictures of it’s progress.

April 27 (1) (500x375)