Open Position: Land Management Area Leader

Applications can be sent to and will be accepted through January 5, 2019.  Please include a resume and Volunteer Leader Application form.  

Role of Land Management Supervisor/Lead/Coordinator

Assess the grounds for:

  • Dangerous conditions:
  • Leaning, damaged, dead trees
  • Hanging branches
  • Washouts
  • Bee/hornet/wasp nests
  • Encroachment of brush into camp areas and pathways
  • Accessibility of paths
    • Maintain paths with woodchips or other ground coverage
  • Health of vegetation
    • Trees
    • Grass
      • Soil testing done periodically (~every 2-3 years)

Communicate mowing needs and oversee mowing contract

Plan work days

  • Optimally, there will be 4-6 works days planned throughout the year
  • One work weekend is ideal for those travelling some distance
  • Communicate with LM interested individuals (FB, email, phone, etc)
  • Develop plan of jobs needing to be done prior to each work day

Coordinate needs of other areas with LM work days

  • Communicate with area leaders

Oversee various gardens throughout property jointly with the current garden caretaker

  • Office Gargen
  • Cabin
  • Info building
  • Behind mainstage

Maintain wooden fencing

  • Maintaining supply and ordering additional when needed (should always have split rail on hand)

Monitor supply shed supplies needed for LM

  • Occasionally will need to purchase worn out/lost rakes, shovels, saws, etc.

All projects not in the normal scope of the above duties needs to be brought to the board for approval.

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