New WMO Endowment Fund

In September 2014, a new Wheatland Music Organization Endowment Fund was established within the Mecosta County Community Foundation (MCCF), a component of the Fremont Area Community Foundation. It was established to help support the Scholarship fund toward traditional arts experiences for children, youth and adults statewide.  Wheatland’s Scholarship committee, made up of youth and adults, make award decisions based on greatest financial needs and potential for growth to preserve the traditional arts. The committee also determines awards from applicants to the Jenine Stickler Memorial Fund, another endowment held by MCCF.  A portion of the earnings from each endowment fund is distributed each year thereby continually growing the fund through reinvestment and additional donations.  Donations may be sent to Mecosta County Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1012-C, Big Rapids, MI 49307 with the name of the Fund in the memo line.  Scholarship applications may be printed or downloaded from  or call 989-967-8879 and ask that one be mailed to you.

Visit the Scholarship page for more information.