Kids Market Place

2010-01-053 Wheatland Music Fesival (500x333)

An Area dedicated to Wheatland’s young artists located next to the raffle tent, and across from the food buildings.

Young artists ages 7 through 16 have the opportunity to sell handmade traditional arts and crafts that they have created. Be sure to take time during the weekend to admire the splendid creations of our next generation of artists! Each year, averages of 80-85 young artists participate!

You are encouraged to sign up online at  Until you receive confirmation you do not have a table.  You must email no later than September 7th.  After that, sign up will be at festival only beginning on Friday at 12pm.

The Sign-Up Booth is located in the Wheatland Marketplace Tent.  All work will be reviewed at this time and accepted or declined, so please bring samples of your work.  Parents of children 7-12 must accompany their children during review and sign-up.  Teens ages 13-16: Must have proper picture ID available to prove how old you are.  School ID or drivers license are best (see guidelines for more requirements).  If accepted, the young artists may sign up for four one-hour shifts on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.

Everyone needs to furnish their own chair.  Tables will be provided; space i limited to half of the six foot table.

Wheatland Marketplace Hours

Friday: 4 pm – 8 pm

Saturday: 11 am – 7 pm

Sunday: 10 am – 2 pm

Guidelines for the Wheatland Marketplace:

Each artist should bring a chair to use during his/her shift(s). Each artists will be provided with half of a six-foot table to display their items.  All items must be displayed on your half of the table.
Please no food products.

Artists change hourly and daily

Because this area is for our young artists, we must strictly enforce the 16-year age limit. Those of you that are 17 and over that are interested in selling your handcrafted items can go to to find out more about getting a booth in the arts and crafts area. (search for exhibiting artist selections)

All items sold must be handcrafted by the young artist. The artist will be asked to describe how he or she created the item(s).

Each young artist is responsible for all aspects of selling of his or her masterpieces, including making change and providing bags.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: You may help your artist set up and tear down his or her sales area only. The Marketplace is dedicated to our young artists, and we feel that it is important that they interact with their customers and handle all sales on their own. However, we will have Marketplace volunteers available for any assistance the artists may need. Such as, making change or a brief break.

No weapons of any kind are allowed to be sold, including marshmallow or potato guns.

Please remember that selling of items outside the Marketplace is not allowed on festival grounds.

If by chance there are empty tables or if someone does not show up for their shift (more than 10 min late), tables will be given away on a first-come first-served basis.  If you have already been given an extra shift, the available table will be given to someone who has not had an extra shift.

You are responsible for cleaning up your own area.  This includes packing up your items and cleaning up any trash on or around your table.

Clean up should be done in time to leave your table on the hour.  This is fair to the next crafter that they get their allotted time.

We are looking forward to another great year!