Josh Rose

Songs now originate in factory-like conditions with a glossy coating shaped by a countless number of “pros.”  The writers upon engineers upon co-writers upon writers upon stylists pass these song-objects down a huge manufacturing line and then watch the dollar signs flash.  The song (that you’ve heard before) enters the public consciousness, launches a career or two, and then vanishes into oblivion. The throw-away culture strikes again. There are other songs, though, that come from those who craft.  These songs are plucked from the air, like lightning bugs destined for an old Mason jar.  These songs are polished like ancient stones in the Flat River.  These songs come wrapped in brown paper with an old twine ribbon.  Songs like these come from the soul and etch themselves into your being.  Josh Rose is one of those craftsmen.


SONGWRITING | Open to All Levels | Requirements: None
Recommended Materials:
Writing supplies
If you find yourself asking “Where do the seeds of a song come from?  How do I construct a song?  How do I make a song of which I can be proud?  Where can I get some inspiration?  How do I finish that idea that has been circulating forever?” make sure to stop by Josh’s songwriting class to study with this accomplished songwriter and instructor.

SONG SHARE SESSION | Open to All Levels | Requirements: None
The theme of love will be emphasized this year.
We will study great love songs in history. Share our favorite love songs, original and otherwise, and have a midday free jam.


Studio Album Discography:

  • Firework Letdown (2004)
  • Slow Bloom (2008)
  • Old Laminate (2014)


  • FARM Conference Songwriter Instructor (2013)
  • C3 Music Teacher (2014)
  • FARMette Showcase Performer (2015)
  • Wheatland Music Camp Songwriter Instructor (2016)
  • Above the Bridge Songwriter’s Retreat (2016)


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