ICYMI Episode 12 – Michigan Songwriters in the Round 2020

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Enjoy this REPLAY of “Michigan Songwriters in the Round 2020

(Originally streamed live on Sep 12, 2020 during Wheatland Worldwide 2020)

ABOUT the PERFORMERS – Michigan Songwriters in the Round

KYLE RASCHE is a Michigan songwriter who has released music as Chain of Lakes since 2010 and continues to garner attention for delicately delivering thoughtfully-crafted, heartbreaking songs. Existing sonically somewhere between here and a world where the Beach Boys harmonize Conor Oberst songs around an acoustic guitar – Kyle Rasche has carved his place as one of West Michigan’s most dependable songsmiths of poetic, soul-bearing music that can evoke a soaring euphoria and a bit of adrenaline at the same time.


SAMANTHA COOPER’s voice is a gentle force. Her songs speak for their sound; from contemplative respites to danceable PSA’s. A veteran session musician, her voice and violin appear on over sixty albums. Sam has played in ensembles ranging from touring bands to old time string bands like her Great Grandpa Orlie once did. She is the wordless vocalist for the astral jazz project Cosmique Hypnotique and “The Sound Of Lasso” by The Lasso. She also co-produces Hearth & Hymn with Elisabeth Pixley-Fink. Previous releases include albums by Maraj and The Bowhunter Stringband. Sam has released three video singles with more solo music to come. She works as a songwriter, an organizer and a trauma-informed facilitator for Lost Voices, The Adventure Centre and The Gift Of Music.


KAITLIN ROSE has been playing guitar and writing songs since the summer of 2001 after finding her mom’s Alvarez in the hallway closet. By the end of the day she taught herself the theme song to The Godfather, which made her Italian grandmother very proud. Since then Kaitlin has made music that is delivered with both intensity and gentleness. The songs and performances are genuine and heartfelt. A storyteller in the purest sense of the term,
she sends songs of personal struggle and community strife aloft on powerful vocals. She has the songwriting skills and stage presence of a seasoned performer, but the kind of energy and freshness that commands the room. Her vocals stylings have roots of traditional blues and folk from the traditional schools of music (such as Elizabeth Cotton and Joan Baez), performed in the modern context, with shades of Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, and Brandi Carlile).


MIKE WARD writes songs that are a combination of stories and life lessons which are still being learned. He grew up listening to the Irish music of the Clancy Brothers and singing in church choirs as well as along with the songs of Dylan, Simon, Springsteen, Prine and later Jason Isbell. After spending the better part of 40 years as a designer and creative director in the advertising world he now creates music full time as Mike Ward:Psychosongs (his nickname, “PsychoWard” – received for his dance and hockey playing style – differentiates him from the other Mike Wards. Instead of raving, Mike uses lyric-driven, simple folk songs on his new album, “The Darkness and the Light” to explores regret, hope, and other rich emotions. The opening song, titled “Our Turn to Shine” presents a reflection of our changing world and the importance of embracing new ideas.