ICYMI Episode 11 – Rhythm Stage!

ICYMI-11 Rhythm Stage B

Enjoy this REPLAY of “Wheatland Rhythm Stage” originally streamed live on Sep 12, 2020 during Wheatland Worldwide 2020.

Feel (and learn) the Beat!

The Rhythm Stage performers and teachers include: Barb Pitcher, Brenda Huckins Bonter, Beth Keloneva – “Wonderful World of Frame Drums”; Carolyn Koebel and Jonathon Wegner of Michigan Hiryu Daiko – “Music of the Taiko Drums”; Kevin Jones teaches “Ganza” (music for a rite of passage); Josh Dunigan – Musical Moments in Your Home!; and Sundance DiDominico

Thank You for making music with us.

Thank you to the Wheatland Music Organization, Brenda Huckins Bonter, Jason Wheeler, and Chili!