ICYMI Episode 05 – Via Mardot

Enjoy this REPLAY of Via Mardot originally broadcast during Wheatland Worldwide 2020.

Of her own volition, Grand Rapids-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Olivia Mainville dove headfirst into the world of music as early as the fifth grade, when she had begun playing viola and upright bass in orchestra. Following her first Wheatland Festival in 2012, Mainville fell in love with the idea of performing her own songs on stage, which eventually inspired her 2014 gypsy swing and baroque pop debut EP, Full Steam Ahead featuring the iconic bluegrass duo, Billy Strings and Don Julin.(1)

Via Mardot, a new band project fronted by Holland singer-songwriter Olivia Mainville, embraces all that and more, ensuring that the band stands out from the pack.

The Via Mardot trio features guitarist-singer Mainville (Olivia & The Aquatic Troupe), bassist Brandon James (Jack & The Bear) and percussionist Adam Schreiber (Jack & The Bear).

“Via Mardot is more inspired by French ye-ye pop (early ’60s pop music from Southern Europe) and spaghetti Western. We’ve also incorporated new musical instruments that we never even thought of playing with in the Aquatic Troupe. I’m also being much more selective and careful of what I subject Via Mardot to,” Mainville said. (2)

Via Mardot on Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/ViaMardot

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2) Local Spins article: “Michigan’s Via Mardot brandishes unusual French ye-ye pop, spaghetti Western vibe”