ICYMI Episode 2 – The Sweet Water Warblers album video debut!

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Enjoy The Sweet Water Warblers video version of album The Dream That Holds This Child  as it was presented at Wheatland Worldwide 2020.

From the beginning, there was a unique connection between Michigan songbirds Rachael Davis, Lindsay Lou, and May ErlewineThe Sweet Water Warblers – a bond forged by a mutual passion for social change and expansion of the soul through music.

Whether it was the gospel and soul-laced melodies uncovered in Davis’ music, the Appalachian folk and country-leaning ballads belted out by Erlewine, or the versatile country soul and bluegrass roots of Lou’s band it was clear from the beginning that the culmination of their talents would be unparalleled.

With three-part vocal harmonies that are sublime, the singing sirens and multi-instrumentalists bring a repertoire swinging from gospel and bluegrass to soul and even joyful interpretations of pop, AmericanaUK called it, “top drawer roots music.”

The Warblers released their first full studio album, The Dream That Holds This Child, to empower and uplift spirits, and offer refuge, solidarity and support through its focus on modern femininity. “Our sound is a place of refuge. Its roots are deep, and its arms are stretched open wide,” says Lou. “This is the gospel of creating beauty from pain.”

“We recognize an imbalance in the imagery and symbolism of the divine,” adds Davis. “When we sing gospel, we sing from a source deep within us that honors and elevates the feminine as much as the masculine.” These songs bloomed from the deep darkness of the earth and were sung awake through relentless storm. As Erlewine puts it, “We are here, very much, on purpose.”

The Sweet Water Warblers will be performing at the 2021 Wheatland Music Festival

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