Goodbye – Mona Bunting [2020-12-29]

Mona Bunting, longtime Performer Hospitality volunteer, passed away on December 29, 2020.  For decades Mona worked alongside her husband Marvin (AKA Bud), son Marv Jr and son Mike (all of whom preceded her) to meet the needs of performers. Mona served coffee from her trailer and later from a big tent known as “Mona’s Cafe.”  She will be missed by her many Wheatland friends and the Bunting family members who continue to volunteer, including daughter-in-law Deb and grandson Jeremy. Performers’ Hospitality volunteer Kasie Prevatt wrote, “On the farm, every Wheatland, as Mona greeted us all with the genuine love, gratitude and respect that her generation encouraged, we felt like we had arrived home, once again. The farm, the trees, the wildflowers, and we, are forever changed, having been in the presence of this beautiful, kind, and determined woman. Mona will be loved and missed by so many, for so long.”