Goodbye – Lori Rae Smalley [2019-01]

Carol Atkinson reported that her daughter Lori Rae Smalley, of St. Johns, died of esophageal cancer in January 2019. A vintage Wheatland Quilt was donated by Lori’s family in her memory. The quilt was constructed from several 1970’s Wheatland t-shirts. It was originally won by Lori’s mother, Carol Atkinson, at a Wheatland raffle; and was given to Lori as a birthday gift. Lori treasured it, and would be so proud that it is now part of the Wheatland Archives. Lori Smalley attended the Wheatland Festival for over 25 years with her husband Jimmy, her mother and many loving friends over the years. One of the 1st festivals Lori attended was in 1977 or 78, with a few St. Johns High School classmates. Life got in the way and she didn’t return to the fest again until 1991. She so loved meeting many new and old friends thru the years. She always recalled some of the best times occurred when she attended with friends on the “Bud Bus”. Lori loved the bagpipes playing and always went in search of them. Seemed like she was good at seeking out the best of people and music at the festival. Some of her favs were Billy Strings and The Accidentals. She will be forever missed by Jimmy, her family and friends!