Goodbye – Joe Smith – [2021-05-29]

Steve Briere shared memories of his friend Joe Smith, who died on May 29, 2021. In Steve’s words, “Wheatland was Joe’s favorite place on earth. Joe, whom we affectionately deemed Super Wheatie, volunteered as a member of grounds crew for three years, participated in Centennial Stage Open Mic, and each year brought his own gaggle of Wheaties to share in the excitement (11 being his own personal best). Like many of us, he looked forward to the festival each year more than his own birthday. Despite being a pit bull-toting, long-haired, motorcycle tough guy, Joe was so moved by the Spirit of Wheatland that he cried like a baby when it came time to pack up the van and head home after his first festival. For him it was a place where all his softness and goodness could shine. Joe so embodied the Spirit of Wheatland that his infectious joy has encouraged to his family to attend their very first festival this year. For the Port Huron Crew, Wheatland will never be the same without Joe, but we are confident that his boisterous laugh will forever mingle with the music that floats over the grounds.”