Goodbye – Glen Voglesong – [2021-06-22]

Cheryl Addington, Glen Voglesong‘s wife of 40 years, submitted a tribute to her husband, who died on June 22, 2021. Cheryl wrote, “Glenbob was fond of yelling ‘Bueno! Bueno!’ up at the stage to show his appreciation for performances, and he saw most years of Wheatland between 1979 and the pandemic. Memorable Wheatland moments include meeting Johnny Gimble and smoking a joint with Carl Martin of Martin, Bogan & Armstrong while Martin was being interviewed by NPR. One of the best dancers to ever grace the Wheatland dance floor, Glen would tell YOU to get out there and enjoy yourself. In the words of the other Bob: ‘Here’s to Cisco and Sonny and Leadbelly too / And to all the good people who travel with you / Here’s to the hearts and the hands of the men / Who come with the dust and are gone with the wind.'”