Hello 2021 – Sparkle Up the New Year with a Wheatland Donation

GOODBYE 2020 – You have been a year of challenges and changes…

Wheatland Music would like to send a huge thank-you to all our supporters this past year – emotional as well as financial. Your support has meant a great deal to us and helped get through a difficult year.

HELLO 2021 – A year for hope and the promise of better things to come!

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 - Still time to giveLike other arts organizations, Wheatland is feeling the pinch of no ticket sales revenue. Festival income is the primary funding source for Wheatland programming as well as insurances, utilities, staffing, land and building maintenance and more. Many budget cuts have been made to stay operational.

Please make a gift and/or buy a membership today.

To make a GIFT to Wheatland, use:

Another great way for families and individuals to invest is to buy a 2021 Wheatland Membership!

Be sure to ask your tax preparer about the new CARES Act tax benefits for both itemizers and those who take a standard deduction that give to a nonprofit during 2020.

– Lola Tyler, Executive Director
Wheatland Music Organization, Inc.