Supporting the Cause

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During 2018, WMO serves over 30,000 people annually. This included about 12,500 persons at the Festival as well as about 10,910 served year round through Community Education activities at schools, pre-schools, libraries, and senior sites, those taking music/dance lessons and arts/music classes, youth and adults receiving scholarships, participating in Traditional Arts Weekend, Winter Wheat, jamborees and dances, Wheatscouts and about 2,500-10,000 persons who benefited from activities sponsored by other organizations but underwritten by WMO.

The cost of putting on the festival, year-round programming, providing resource center services and maintaining our beautiful grounds and facilities was $1,031,141 during 2018 and the total revenue was $1,048,651.

Revenue comes from ticket and t-shirt sales, raffle, memberships and benefactor gifts, directed gifts (earmarked for an activity or item of your choice), main stage gifts (toward building and maintenance) and grants. (Call if you would like a copy of our annual report).

You have many options in supporting the Wheatland cause. Because Wheatland Music Organization, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization with a charitable and educational mission, all outright gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Stop by the Information Center to pick up a donor form or sign in at Info letting us know your special talents.

Over the course of a year, over 1,000 volunteers contribute their time and talents to make sure quality traditional arts are presented, preserved and that the property WMO call home is well maintained. Volunteers hammer nails, plant trees, store picnic tables, serve on committees that plan year-round activities, work shifts during the festival and much more. As a volunteer, you may be able to deduct your mileage (check with IRS for the amount) for travel to and from volunteer duties such as committee work, meetings and workdays