Jenine Stickler Memorial Fund

Jenine loved all kinds of art and music. She enjoyed out- of- the- way little artshops and art fairs with hand crafted items. Music played a key role in Jenine’s life.  She played the piano, guitar and flute. A popular wedding, funeral, and church singer, she also sang with her mother and sisters, and, for her family and friends. Her energy was unmatchable when ‘cutting the rug’ on the dance floor. A devoted mother and youth leader, Jenine always encouraged youth to reach their highest potential.

Friends and family have established a permanent and sustainable designated memorial fund in Jenine’s name – an endowment within Mecosta County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Fremont Area Community Foundation,, that serves Mecosta, Osceola, Lake & Newaygo Counties. The Jenine Stickler Memorial Fund earnings are distributed by Wheatland Music Organization to help youth with demonstrated financial need to obtain art ‘tools and equipment’ so they can take part in school, community, church and other personal arts pursuits. Included might be acoustical musical instruments (violin, bass, piano, flute, etc.) or art supplies/equipment (dance shoes, a potters wheel, etc.) Eligible children/youth live, or attend school, in Mecosta, Osceola, Lake, Newaygo or Montcalm Counties. It is the intention of the Wheatland Music Organization, Inc. to assist those with the greatest financial need and/or the greatest potential for growth.

Applications are considered on a first-come, first –served basis. The names ofthe awardees and purpose of award are published in the annual Wheatland MusicOrganization, Inc. festival program and/or in the organization’s newsletter “QuarterNotes.” Checks are only forwarded after the applicant has raised the additionalamount necessary and purchase/lease agreements are confirmed and documented. Not all applicants are awarded. Applicants increase their chances of being awarded by:

Clearly identifying skills to be gained that fit the stated purposeof the Scholarship fund

Completing the application themselves orwith the assistance of a parent or guardian

Being a first time applicant,• Listing the school they attend and their county of residence

Demonstrating the greatest financial needand/or the greatest potential for growth, and,

Showing commitment by having raised a portion of the funds needed.

Applications need not be typed. Two reference letters must accompany theapplication, with at least one preferably from someone in the traditional arts andknowledgeable of the applicant’s potential. Reference letters must be completed bypersons other than family members. One letter should be by someone who would notbenefit financially by the award. Also, applicants should attach a photo, appraisal orpage from catalog describing the item to be purchased, including price. If possible,send the application package two months before the purchase or lease or equipment,tools or instrument.

Before the end of the year, awardees are required to provide a written reportusing the Fund’s evaluation form (Awardee Report) which is also completed andsigned by your instructor, parent or mentor. Awardees are also encouraged to publiclyacknowledge receipt of the scholarship.

Scholarship applications can be obtained from school counselors, music stores, artscenters, by calling Wheatland Music Organization, Inc. at (989) 967-8879, or, from the organization’s webpage