Giving and Receiving

Wheatland’s extended family is full of generous souls. The WMO Elyce Fishman Scholarship Fund was recently the beneficiary of one of these philanthropic persons. Genevieve Towne, of Howard City, is employed by Aetna and learned of the Elyce Fishman Scholarship Fund by way of her co-workers, one of whom is a WMO volunteer. Though Genny herself has never attended a WMO event [something we hope to rectify], she has a musical background and recalls how playing an instrument has enhanced her life. Moreover, noting that there are numerous sports programs for youth and that “arts” are one of the first things to go in a school budget cut, she felt the Elyce Fishman Scholarship Fund would be a worthy recipient of her United Way Donation.

Genny’s employer is a Matching Gift Company that will match the donor’s gift to a qualifying non-profit organization such as WMO. In 2005, Aetna matched employee donations of 2.7 million dollars for a combined community impact of 5.4 million dollars.

This article has a dual purpose…first, to thank Genevieve Towne and Aetna for their generosity and second to remind readers to check with their employer’s Human Resource Office to see if they are a Matching Gift company. Also, in many counties, United Way donations may be directed to WMO, either as a general gift or earmarked/directed to a particular activity.