2023 Festival Performer

Adrian & Meredith

Always performers who march to their own drum, Adrian +Meredith (adrianplusmeredith.com) make a different sort of roots racket. Since the release of their debut album, “More Than a Little'', the duo has been pounding the pavement and putting their own spin on Americana music. Their live show will have you on your feet dancing, clapping, and stomping along with music that has the spirit of punk, the twang of folk, the flavor of Polka, and the bounce of swing.

Adrian was already 10 years into an acclaimed solo career when Meredith made a guest appearance on his 2014 release, ROAM. Since then, the pair’s partnership has grown into a full-time collaboration, with the two swapping harmonies, trading solos, and acting as co-pilots both on and off the stage.

Adrian was born on the Canadian/Detroit border, raised on rock, punk, and soul music, with a carnival barker's croon and an off-the-wall “clawhammer guitar” approach to playing the acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, Meredith grew up in nearby Ann Arbor, and cut her teeth in the Old Time music scene, where she played traditional fiddle and clogged. Those two approaches come together with Adrian + Meredith, a project that honors the traditions of Folk and Americana music while pushing beyond those genres’ boundaries.

FRI - 7:10-8:00 - Centennial Stage
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