2023 Festival Performer

Jim Bizer

Jim Bizer hails from Detroit, but his music is from all over the map. Against a musical kaleidoscope of jazz, pop, blues, reggae and god-knows-what-else; he sings about faith, rivers, subatomic particles and a few things you’ve probably never heard before in a song. Poignant and quirky, hilarious and heartfelt, Jim’s songs are both beautiful and startling. Not to mention award-winning: he’s been a winner or finalist in numerous national songwriting competitions. With his commanding stage presence, virtuoso guitar skills and a clear love for making music, Jim shares a contagious joy and enthusiasm with his audience. It’s no wonder that one of the constant comments Jim gets is “You sure look like you’re having fun up there!”

• SAT - 2:10-2:55 - Schafer Song Stage
• SAT - 9:30-11:00 - Schafer Song Stage (Hosted Song Circle)
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