2023 Festival Performer

Scott Cook

In 2007, Albertan songwriter Scott Cook (scottcook.net) quit his job teaching kindergarten in Taiwan and moved into a minivan. He's made his living as a troubadour ever since, touring almost incessantly across Canada, the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, averaging 150 shows and a dozen summer festivals a year, and releasing seven albums of plainspoken, keenly observant verse along the way. Scott continues to tour all over North America, believing more than ever that songs can change your life, and your life can change the world. As the folks at RnR Magazine put it, "(Scott) sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own... Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children."

• SAT - 1:55-3:00 - Centennial Stage ("Road Warriors in the Round")
• SAT - 8:35-9:20 - Schafer Song Stage
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