2023 Festival Performer

Eric Engblade

Acclaimed singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Grand Rapids, MI Eric Engblade is “Folk-Rock With Teeth”: enchanting, encouraging, guitar strummin’, banjo pickin’, kazoo commanding and singin' from depths few dare to descend. His music tells great tales of mystic marvels, advent, and adventure while counter-offerring despair with a hearty helping of hope!

Eric’s is Engblade is the Modern Michigan Ringmaster: Theatric in his antics, Silly in his nature, and Swing in his tempo. A showman thoroughly rooted and suited in the art of illustrating a vision: taking listeners on a mission from his heart to yours.

• FRI - 7:40-8:25 - Schafer Song Stage
• SAT - 4:10-5:40 - Schafer Song Stage (Michigan Songwriters in the Round)
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