2023 Festival Performer

The Sensational Barnes Brothers

The Sensational Barnes Brothers are a melting pot of the old and the new. The brothers are able to dive deep into their roots, creating a sound that reflects the music of their history, all the while drawing in a modern-day audience.

Family was and is a huge part of the creation of The Sensational Barnes Brothers. Their father Calvin “Duke” Barnes made his way through the world with his beloved wife Deborah who was the daughter of Rev. James L. Gleese, founder of the Beale Street Mission for Blacks/Negroes, and music came to her even more naturally. For a time, Deborah was a Raelette, one of the background singers for the genius of soul, before love, marriage and children demanded that she leave the touring life behind. The family carried on as musical collaborators for years and still play and sing together, even with their father gone.

Now, the Sensational Barnes Brothers are bringing it all back home to music they grew up with. Inspired by their shared past, fueled by harmonies that resonate with both their blood and their kindred souls, The Sensational Barnes Brothers see themselves singing, playing, and dancing for a long time coming.

• SAT - 4:30-5:20 - Centennial Stage
• SUN - 11:20-12:10 - Main Stage
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