2023 Festival Performer

Nic Gareiss and Allison de Groot

From his 1997 debut on the Wheatland Main Stage, joining the “last dance” of the 24th Festival at age 11, to more recently being named one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch,” Nic Gareiss (he/they) is swiftly becoming recognized for his singular voice in the realm of dance, music, and the traditional arts. Informed by 25 years of ethnographic study and performance, Gareiss’ work draws from many percussive dance practices to weave together a technique facilitating his love of improvisation; clog, flatfoot, and step dance vocabulary; and musical collaboration.

Allison de Groot draws on a love for old-time and traditional music, and with a creative approach to the banjo, has formed a unique sound. Allison has become a big voice on the North American traditional music scene, exploring the role and dimensions of clawhammer banjo. Collaboration is at the center of Allison's music, and the duo composed of Allison and Nic Gareiss creates sound and movement together, engaging tunes and gestures from Appalachia, Ireland, and beyond, through banjo, voice, and percussive dance. In October 2022 the duo released The Thrill, their debut visual album, which can be found on Bandcamp, and was named “Best Roots Music of 2022” by NPR.

• FRI - 7:10-8:00 - Main Stage
• SAT - 12:30-1:30 - Marty Wernette Dance Stage
• SAT - 3:20-4:10 - Centennial Stage
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