2023 Festival Performer

Tuba Skinny

For over a decade Tuba Skinny (tubaskinny.com) has grown steadily in popularity, releasing twelve albums and touring all over the world. They’ve attracted a wide variety of fans—young and old, neophytes and niche-enthusiasts—with the strength of their musicianship and the scope of their jazz and American roots music catalog. Despite a general lack of interest in social media and a limited release of their music online, they’ve amassed an enthusiastic digital following.

Tuba Skinny is made up of Craig Flory (clarinet), Shaye Cohn (cornet), Barnabus Jones (trombone), Erika Lewis (vocals and bass drum), Max Bien-Kahn (resonator guitar and tenor banjo), Greg Sherman (vocals and guitar), Todd Burdick (sousaphone), and Robin Rapuzzi (washboard). While they’ve become known as world-class interpreters of traditional jazz, over the years they’ve branched out into jug band music, spirituals, country blues, string band music, ragtime, and New Orleans R&B. Their approach is a true reflection of Americana, encompassing the full genealogy of popular American music from an early 20th century perspective.

• SAT - 6:30-7:20 - Main Stage
• SAT - 11:10-12:00 - Centennial Stage
• SUN - 6:20-7:00 - Main Stage
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