Wheatland Festival Grounds Remain Closed for Now

To our friends and neighbors. 

Wheatland Festival Grounds Remain Closed2020 was a tough year for everyone, with the COVID-19 pandemic setting the backdrop for major adjustments in the way we all live our lives and operate our businesses. The Wheatland Music Organization was no exception. To protect the Organization during this uncertain time, the Board closed the festival grounds to all but those who need to be there to perform maintenance or land management activities. But the inability to gather on the farm for music, fun and fellowship has left a hole in our hearts that we all yearn to fill. 

Generally, our friends and neighbors have respected the Board’s decision and stayed away, though some have been unable to resist outings to one of their favorite spots on earth. We’ve seen posts and pics documenting the fun, and again ask everyone that they please not enter the farm property without permission from the business office.
Warning: Lola will say “no” unless you really need to be there.

Hopefully, things will improve so that we can soon pick up where we left off in 2019. We’re looking forward seeing you all for an in-person, old-fashioned, fun-filled, happy Wheatland in 2021!