Wheatscouts: Diwali art project – Mike and Sushma Lilly

November 14, 2020 @ 10:00 am
ONLINE - Zoom Meeting
WMO Office

Wheatscouts-2020-11-DiwaliMike and Sushma Lilly – Presentation on Hindu celebration of Diwali/art project.

WHEATSCOUTS, NOVEMBER 14, 10:00AM (earlier than normal as hosts are in Nepal): During the next Wheatscouts program, we will learn more about a Southeast Asian holiday.  Tihar is a five day long annual festival, celebrated in Nepal every October or November. During this festival, people honor crows, dogs, cows and Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and luck. As numerous candles and festive lanterns are lit for the Goddess of Laxmi, Tihar is also well-known as the festival of lights.

Mike and Sushma Lilly, who live in Nepal, will teach Wheatscouts about and lead us through their Tihar celebration.   We will color Mandalas, observe the Puja ceremony, and (with help from adults) light and place candles around our homes.  Those of us who have sparklers left from the 4th of July can light those too (again, with help from a grown-up).  Participants will receive a recipe for Nepali rice pudding, a traditional Tihar dessert, to make in advance of and enjoy during Wheatscouts. 

As this, and other Wheatscouts programs, are offered via Zoom, and you will need a link and a password.  Please RSVP for the November 14 Wheatscouts no later than the end of the day on Thursday, November 12

After you RSVP, you’ll get links to Mandala templates and the recipe for Nepali Rice Pudding.

To RSVP for the 11/14 Wheatscouts program, or if you have any questions, either reply to this post or email Kris Stableford (thestablefordagency@gmail.com).