Goodbye – Joseph Benjamin [2020-12-03]

Goodbye - Joseph Benjamin [2020-12-03]

Lynn Haworth-Crotzer shared a remembrance of her boyfriend, Joseph Benjamin, who died on December 3, 2020. Although Joseph only attended the Wheatland Festival once, in 2019, he volunteered his very first year, and he planned to be part of many more festivals. Lynn wrote that Joseph was “the love of my life”, and that he […]
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Goodbye – Jan Fowler [2020-10-26]

Goodbye - Jan Fowler [2020-10-26]

Jan Fowler, who called for dances at the Wheatland Festival and other Wheatland events (Traditional Arts Weekend, monthly dances, Wheatscouts) for nearly 40 years, died on October 26, 2020. According to her husband, Ron, some of Jan’s favorite things about Wheatland were leading Family Dances on the Dance Stage, experiencing the festival with her daughters, […]
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Goodbye – Michael Pineda [2020-08-31]

Goodbye - Michael Pineda [2020-08-31]

Michael Pineda’s wife Sara Durbin said that Michael passed August 31, 2020. Michael attended Wheatland six years and loved his Wheatland family! And he loved the cajun dance!! He was like a kid at Christmas the night before Wheatland full of anticipation for what memories we would make!! His excitement was over the top for […]
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Goodbye – Rudolph “Andy” Fedus [2020-08-25]

Goodbye - Rudolph "Andy" Fedus [2020-08-25]

Zach Fedus asked that we remember his grandfather, Rudolph “Andy” Fedus, who died on August 25, 2020. Andy played piano, guitar, banjo and fiddle, and attended the Wheatland Festival and other Michigan music festivals. At Wheatland, he could be found in his favorite camping spot, near the site decorated with MANY pink flamingos. Zach, who […]
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Goodbye – Martin “Lucky” Cates [2020-05-16]

Goodbye - Martin "Lucky" Cates [2020-05-16]

Longtime Wheatlander Martin “Lucky” Cates passed May 16, 2020. Sara Cates, his daughter said, “My dad Martin aka Lucky loved Wheatland for more than 40 years. His mother (the late Rosemary Miller) had volunteered at Wheatland since the beginning. He loved the drum circles, the dance classes and the Sunday morning worship at Main Stage […]
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