ICYMI Episode 11 – Rhythm Stage!

ICYMI-11 Rhythm Stage A

Feel (and learn) the Beat! The Rhythm Stage performers include: Barb Pitcher, Brenda Huckins Bonter, Beth Keloneva - "Wonderful World of Frame Drums"; Carolyn Koebel and Jonathan Wegner of Michigan Hiryu Daiko - "Music of the Taiko Drums"; Kevin Jones teaches "Ganza" (music for a rite of passage); Josh Dunigan - Musical Moments in Your Home!; Sundance DiDominico
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Wheatland Festival Grounds Remain Closed for Now

Wheatland Festival Grounds Remain Closed

To our friends and neighbors.  2020 was a tough year for everyone, with the COVID-19 pandemic setting the backdrop for major adjustments in the way we all live our lives and operate our businesses. The Wheatland Music Organization was no exception. To protect the Organization during this uncertain time, the Board closed the festival grounds […]
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ICYMI Episode 10 – Carry it On… Live! (2013)

ICYMI - Ep10 Carry It On - LIVE - sq

The LIVE extension of director Sharon Leahy's "dance for camera," filmed during Wheatland Music Organization’s 40th anniversary 2013 festival. A documentary that shows the concentration, energy and focused skill of the ardent dancers and musicians - in rehearsal and then the explosive exhilaration of performance.
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ICYMI Episode 09 – “New Year, New Wheatsongs

ICYMI Episode 09 - New Year, New Wheatsongs -sq

Songwriting program Wheatsongs - that normally runs during the Wheatland Music Festival - continued online as part of Wheatland Worldwide 2020 led by instructors Jan Krist and Dan Hazlett. The online program featured teaching segments, discussions and sharing session of songwriting process, group performances and one-on-one sessions with Dan and Jan and each participant. Watch what 2020's 16 participated created!
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ICYMI Episode 07 – The Jill Jack Band

ICYMI Episode 07 - The Jill Jack Band - Detroit based singer-songwriter Jill Jack captures audiences with her soulful voice and dynamic storytelling - this performance for Wheatland Worldwide 2020 is a great example. Jill will perform at the next live Wheatland Festival.
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