About Us

Wheatland Music Organization, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization based near Remus, Michigan. Founded in 1974 as a means to make money for The Mount Pleasant Food Co-op, the charitable and educational organization has grown from offering a single event, to offering activities year-round.

The mission of the Wheatland Music Organization is to serve as a resource center for the preservation and presentation of traditional music and arts. Traditional arts are considered those learned person to person, passed from generation to the next, and influenced by culture, family, ethnicity, and era.

Each year, over 200 traditional artists from across the nation are contracted to present at the annual Music Festival and Traditional Arts Weekend. They also participate in many community education outreach programs which are offered at schools, senior centers and on the WMO Grounds.

Volunteers contribute approximately 10,000 hours planning, carrying out programs and maintaining the 160 acre centennial farm. Each year approximately 30,000 people are consumers of programs, workshops, lessons, presentations, and more. Programming includes music, dance and arts lessons, children and family programs, music jamborees, traditional square and contra dances, scholarships, underwriting of concerts, touring arts series, the annual Traditional Arts Weekend and the annual Music Festival.