A post we did not want to have to make.

Many people are asking “Will there be a Wheatland Festival” or “Will Wheatland have to cancel this year”.  The Board of Directors has made a unanimous decision, and a hard decision it was.  There will not be a 2020 Wheatland Music Festival.  This was not an easy decision, and we are as heart-broken as many of you are.

We heard from many of our attendees, volunteers, performers and vendors.  The majority said the same thing – it is not safe to hold the festival this year.  There were those who said they would not attend if we had a festival.  

Wheatland Music has to do what is best, and safest, for our community.  We cannot, in good conscience, put the health and safety of so many people at risk.  There will come a time when everyone can return to Wheatland again.   Dancers, musicians, artists and vendors will once again return to keep the magic that is Wheatland alive.  We will once again hear the phrase “Happy Wheatland’ echo through the campgrounds and woods.

Until the 2021 festival, September 10, 11 & 12, Wheatland will continue to preserve and present traditional music and art.  Virtual instrument lessons are happening, virtual programs for area seniors will continue, Archiving Committee will continue work to preserve our wonderful history.  Maintenance on the buildings and property will happen, Scholarship Committee will still accept scholarships and planning for 2021 events goes on.  

We are still here and we are open.  The festival is our primary source of income and allows us to provide events and services.  If you are able to make a financial donation, it will be greatly appreciated.  Memberships will still be available to purchase.  We also encourage you to support our musician family and community by tuning into a live digital concert, purchase recorded music, or making a financial donation.

Remember, we are Happy Wheatland Strong Together!