40th Anniversary/Passages II Book

Attention Artists, Volunteers, Supporters & Vendors

Anyone hoping to be included in the memory book Passages II as a 40th Anniversary sponsor

are asked to send their contributions, photos/logo, and messages by the end of March to Wheatland Music Organization, Box 22, Remus, MI 49340.

The sponsor options are:

$1000 Pledge – One full page with up to 4 photos and up to 50 words/message and, 10 free books!

$500 Pledge – Half page with up to two photos and up to 30 words/message and, 5 free books!

$250 Pledge – Quarter page with one photo and up to 20 words/message, and, 3 free books!

$100 Pledge – Up to a 20 word message, listing of donor name, and 1 free book.

Less than $100 – Name Listing only

The proceeds will support a number of 40th Anniversary projects!  Questions:  development@wheatlandmusic.org.

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