40th Anniversary, “Carry It On” Project

40th Anniversary – Join Us in Carrying It On!

Because 2013 is the 40th anniversary of the Wheatland Music festival and the 25th year of Traditional Arts Weekend, multiple ways to commemorate the year are being planned.  A new production called CARRY IT ON! involving more than 50 Michigan youth and adults as well as many artists from past years, and, a new 40 year anniversary book Passages II are under development.

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary, Wheatland Music Organization has commissioned Sharon Leahy and Rick Good, former directors of Rhythm In Shoes, to create CARRY IT ON! – a new, sixty minute production rooted in the traditional arts to be premiered at the September 2013 Festival.  This unprecedented effort will engage four generations of artists—from Michigan dancers-in-training to professional dancers and musicians from across the country—to take part in a multidisciplinary dance, music and film project. The project includes residency training, mentorship of a young choreographer in creating a new work, workshops at Traditional Arts Weekend and rehearsals open to the public. We also hope to document the project on film for future streaming.  Persons attending dance workshops at Traditional Arts Weekend may be incorporated into the 2013 production.


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