38th Annual Wheatland Music Festival

The festival this year will be held September 9, 10 & 11 2011.  Tickets will go on sale May 15th.   You can read more about the performers and the festival throughout the site.

Performers to include
Lafayette Rhythm Devils ~ The Freight Hoppers
Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band ~ Ray Bonneville
The Laws ~ Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet
Rhythmic Circus ~ Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith
Abigail Washburn & the Village ~   Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock
Black Jake and The Carnies ~ Los TesManiacs
Craver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry ~ Starlight Six
Michigan Songwriters ~ Kirby, Susan Harrison, Karisa Wilson, J.Oscar Bittinger
Nic Gareiss & Jessie Nieves ~ Old Foresters ~ Rick Thum and Friends
The Red Sea Pedestrians ~ An Dro ~ Blue Water Ramblers
Jive At Five ~ The Rhythm Billies