2021 In-Person Festival Decision – On Hold Until June 1

2021 Festival Decision - June 1We know everyone is anxiously awaiting the decision on an in-person festival in September.  We had hoped to announce a decision by the first of May, but we are not ready to make our decision yet.  Therefore, we are moving the date forward to no later than June 1. 

The current restrictions by MDHHS would prevent us from holding a festival.  We are hoping to see some of those restriction changed/removed in the next few weeks.  Though the number of new cases is now trending downward, the number of those vaccinated has slowed. As always, the safety of our volunteers, attendees, performers, and staff is of utmost concern to WMO.

For more than a year, COVID has dominated just about every facet of our lives.  As we optimistically think about life post-COVID, our current realities serve as a reminder there are still obstacles to overcome.  As such, we must all continue to do our parts to beat back COVID.  The mitigation measures of social distancing, washing hands, staying at home when ill, wearing masks are as necessary now as ever.  Additionally, all those eligible should, in consultation with medical experts, consider getting the COVID vaccine.

With everyone working together, we can beat COVID and hopefully have a version of a festival in September; however that might look.