Travis Stuart

Intermediate Old Time (Clawhammer) Banjo
We will work on some basic well known Clawhammer banjo tunes in standard G tuning. We’ll learn a few basic tricks and tips for improving timing and tone for getting a better banjo sound.  Also, toward the end of the week we will explore a few different tunings to expand your knowledge of different keys.
Advanced Old Time (Clawhammer) Banjo
In this class we will explore some alternative tunings used in solo banjo playing from some of the late masters from the mountains.  Also we will cover topics such as playing with a fiddler, getting better tone, and styles of regions in Appalachia. We will cover left and right hand techniques, basic chord structures, and general tips for improving your banjo playing.
Old Time Band
Form your own Old Time Band with guidance from our Old Time Staff!

Travis Stuart began playing the banjo as a boy in Haywood County North Carolina. He is a respected banjo player and multi-instrumentalist known for his rich style and solid accompaniment. Travis has toured the US and internationally with The Stuart Brothers, Dirk Powell Band, Riley Baugus, the Reeltime Travelers, Martha Scanlan and step dancer Ira Bernstein. Travis learned from old-time masters such Red Wilson, the Smathers Family, and Byard Ray.

Besides being a renowned performer, Travis is also dedicated to teaching old-time music. He has taught the Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) program in Haywood County, NC since 2000.   Travis has taught at music camps around the country and abroad.  He currently teaches Old-Time music with East Tennessee State University‚Äôs Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies.

Travis has performed on many recordings and films and has recordings with The Stuart Brothers.

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