Mark Palms

Old Time Guitar Accompaniment & Techniques
If you ask ten different old-time musicians to define old-time music, you’re liable to get ten different answers.  Definitions range from narrow to broad and the borders are fuzzy, but the style was a direct ancestor of Bluegrass.  In this class we’ll focus on the early techniques of “getting together to play old time music” with an emphasis on solid rhythms and bass runs, and accompaniment for fiddle tunes and songs. 
Required Skills: None
Old Time Songs & Guitar Accompaniment
An old-time jam is naturally a place where folks get together to play tunes, but songs may be played as well.  We’ll learn Carter family repertoire and early gospel songs. And as a group we’ll work toward a performance level incorporating musical ideas and simple harmonies.
Required Skills: Bring your instrument (w/basic skills) or your voice to sing along.
Old Time Band
Form your own Old Time Band with guidance from our Old Time Staff!

Mark Palms – a musician who chases the heritage of traditional music by studying knee-to-knee with cultural giants from West Virginia  to West Africa and sharing what he’s learned at festivals and camps.  He performs with the award winning string band The Raisin Pickers and founded the cajun band Creole du Nord.  As a member of a group or a solo artist, Mark continues to honor the legacy of traditional masters.

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