June Music & Dance Week

“June MAD Week” is dedicated to providing an immersive musical and educational experience for those looking to enhance their current skills and/or build a solid foundation in a new area. Old-Time, Cajun, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic/Irish, Songwriting and Dance are a few areas of concentration. Wheatland’s June MAD Week Music Staff consists of nationally and internationally renowned musician-instructors, including Grammy and IBMA award winning artists. Camp attendees experience week-long, first-class instruction from the best-of-the-best on today’s Traditional Music scene. In addition to daytime classes with accomplished instructors in the traditional music scene, evening activities consist of jam sessions, dances, performances by campers and music staff, and other great events.
This is some serious quality time at Wheatland, don’t miss out!

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3rd Annual June Music & Dance Week: June 18-24, 2017

“This was a fantastic experience at every level.”
“Teachers = World Class”
“Best time of my life!!”


Fiddle | Banjo | Mandolin | Guitar | Stand-Up Bass | Dobro | Ukulele
Pedal Steel & Slide Guitar | Accordion | Harmonica | Voice

Who is June MAD Week for?

All levels of players are welcome!  Whether you are a beginner or veteran, you will be sure to leave camp with a markedly enhanced ability in your area of interest (and a boat-load of new friends!).  While June MAD Week is designed for adults, young folks able to sustain an adult level of participation are welcome (parent or guardian required for Attendees under 18 years old).


June MAD Week takes place on the beautiful Wheatland Music Festival Site, located just West of Remus, MI.  The Main Gate entrance is located just west of 5161 Pierce Rd, Remus, MI 49340.

Keep In Touch!

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  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact the WMO Office at 989-967-8879 or office@wheatlandmusic.org  

More Music Staff to be announced shortly,

Click on the name to read bio, view video, and learn more about their classes.

Kevin Aucoin
(Bayou DeVille)
Percussion | Cajun Band

Bruce BaumanBeginning Fiddle

David BowenIrish/Celtic Guitar

Kate BrackenMorning Yoga

Banjo-Jim FoerchBeginning Banjo | Beginning Guitar

Bruce GartnerMini-Lessons: Tune-Writing; Mandolin; Fiddle

David GreelyCajun Singing | Harmony Singing | Cajun Band

Becky Hill
A Survey of Traditional Dance

Drew HowardDobro | Pedal & Lap Steel | Slide Guitar

Jim HurstIntermediate Flatpicking Guitar | Advanced Flatpicking Guitar
Bluegrass Band

Don Julin
Beginning Mandolin | Intermediate Mandolin
Advanced Mandolin

Bo Ledet
(Bayou DeVille)
Intermediate Cajun Fiddle | Cajun Band

Roger Little
Beginning Accordion

Patrick Ourceau
Intermediate Irish Fiddle | Advanced Irish Fiddle

Mark PalmsOld Time Guitar Accompaniment & Techniques
Old Time Songs & Guitar Accompaniment
Old Time Band

Josh Rose
Song Share Session

Peter Madcat RuthBeginner Harmonica
Intermediate Harmonica
Intermediate-Advanced Ukulele

Dan Seabolt
Intermediate Bluegrass Fiddle | Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle
Bluegrass Band Class

Rafe StefaniniIntermediate Old Time Fiddle | Advanced Old Time Fiddle
Old Time Band

Mark Stoltz
Partner Dancing: Cajun, Zydeco & Waltz

Travis Stuart
Intermediate Old Time (Clawhammer) Banjo
Advanced Old Time (Clawhammer) Banjo
Old Time Band

 Frank Youngman

Music Theory | Harmony Singing
Beginner-Intermediate Ukulele

Click on the class title to read the
course description, prerequisites, and instructor info!
Remaining descriptions available soon.  Classes subject to change.


Beginning Fiddle 
Intermediate Old Time | Intermediate Irish | Intermediate Cajun | Intermediate Bluegrass
Advanced Old Time | Advanced Irish | Advanced Cajun | Advanced Bluegrass 


Beginning Guitar
Old Time Songs & Accompaniment
Old Time Accompaniment & Techniques | Irish/Celtic
Dobro | Pedal & Lap Steel | Bottleneck Slide
Intermediate Flatpicking | Advanced Flatpicking


Beginning Banjo
Intermediate Old Time (Clawhammer) | Intermediate Bluegrass (Fingerpicking)
Advanced Old Time (Clawhammer) | Advanced Bluegrass (Fingerpicking)


Beginning Mandolin
Intermediate Mandolin | Advanced Mandolin


Partner Dancing: Cajun, Zydeco & Waltz 
A Survey of Traditional Dance


Beginner Harmonica 
Intermediate Harmonica


Harmony Singing | Cajun Singing | Songwriting
Old Time Songs & Accompaniment | Song Share Session


Beginning Accordion | Cajun & Zydeco Accordion


Beginner-Intermediate Ukulele | Intermediate-Advanced Ukulele


Form your own band with guidance from members of our music staff!

Old Time Band | Cajun Band | Bluegrass Band


Sound (Equipment) 101 | Music Theory | Percussion
Stand-Up Bass | Morning Yoga


Designated Instructors are available during the week for one-on-one lessons in the following areas:

Mandolin (Bruce Gartner) | Tunewriting (Bruce Gartner) | Songwriting (Josh Rose)

In addition to daytime classes, attendees also enjoy and participate in evening activities such as: 

Jam Sessions of various levels and genres

Dances such as Squares, Contras, Cajun & Zydeco, Honky Tonk

Performances by Campers and Music Staff

Other Special Events:

  • Play and sing Cowboy Campfire Songs around the campfire
  • For Honky Tonk Night, attendees get to sing Honky Tonk standards backed by an all-star music-staff band for an all-out Honky Tonk Dance
  • At Cajun & Zydeco Culture Hour our music-staff presents Cajun and Zydeco history, share their personal relationships to Cajun & Zydeco culture, play a little bit of music, and take questions from attendees, all while stirring up a big pot of gumbo for everyone to enjoy at the end of the hour!
  • And more!


Attendees must register in advance – limited spaces available!  Early registration deadline is June 1st.  Final registration deadline is Wednesday, June 14th, 2017.

How Do I Register?

1. Online
2. By Phone
3. By Mail

What is the cost of admission?

Evenings & Saturday Admission

Refund Policy: Week-long Admission Fees are fully refundable until June 1st.

2nd Annual June MAD Week 2016

1st Annual June MAD Week 2015